Resistive Measurement System

Economic Sensor Measurement for Mobile

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what we do

Portable sensor measurement on your phone.


Slim, flexible pressure sensors and cables available with app release for applications in Lymphedema treatment. Compatibility with temperature, chemical, position, and all other resistive sensors.


Rapidly calibrate to any resistive sensor and application. Start recording instantly and build calibration profiles as you go.


Graph live sensor output and export data for analysis or playback.

How it works

RMS Harnesses your built-in audio hardware to power sensors.

Patent US 9,167,242 B1

As the audio wave passes through the sensor it is attenuated and the app measures the modified amplitude.

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In your palm

Your phone or tablet displays, saves and records measurements from your resistive sensor.

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Getting Started

a Mobile measurement system.

Buy the App 9.99

and Pressure Test System 139.00

Ready to record pressure using your iPhone or iPad audio port
Includes a Sensor Cable, Pressure Sensor, and Calibration System

Lightning Adapter 15.00

If your iPhone or iPad does not have a headphones jack,
you will need a 100% official Apple adapter


Customize your measurement system.

iOS App 9.99

Graph and measure sensor input.

Sensor Cable 49.00

Connect sensors to your device audio port.

Pressure Sensor 45.00

Measure fine variations in pressure.

Pressure Test System 139.00

Ready to record pressure using your iPhone or iPad audio port

Lightning Adapter 15.00

For iOS devices that do not have aheadphones jack

Calibration System 55.00

For pressure sensing applications

Do it Yourself

Build your Own measurement system.
You will need
  • The RMS App
  • Force Sensor from Tekscan
    Part Number A201 4” or 8” (1 ea.) length or equivalent (> $21.00 ea in pack of 4) select 1lb (4N) max sensor force rating. Center pin is not used.
    (800) 248-3669 Tekscan .100” pin spacing, 101 mm length, or longer.
  • 6-Ft Audio/Video Shielded Cable, 3.5mm Tip-Ring-Ring-Sleeve (TRRS)
    Connector to Stripped and Tinned End; Philmore brand Part Number 42-3546 (1 ea.) or equivalent  (> $7.00) Note: The wiring illustration on the back of the Philmore package of 3.5 mm +1 adaptor is wrong! TEST!
  • Flexible Servo Extension Lead Wire Cable
    Male to Female 3 Pins for Futaba JR RC (any length) or equivalent (> $2.00 ea)
  • Adapter for newer iOS devices using Lightning audio (use only if needed)
    Use only if your device does not have a separate microphone/headphones 3.5mm jack. Only the original Apple brand adaptor works for this app - in our tests. Description on Apple order web site: “Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter” (< $18.00 ea)
  • Bean crimp connectors
    3 ea. per harness. For example search for "Low Voltage Wire Connectors B-Connectors Wire Splices Wire Crimp Bean Type Splice for Low Voltage" (< $0.013 ea.)
Download Guide
  1. Clip off the stripped portion of the yellow (next-to-tip) shield and conductor from the 3.5mm +1 audio adapter. This wire will not be used.
    Note: The wiring illustration on the back of the Philmore brand package of 3.5 mm +1 adaptor is wrong!
  2. Get out 3 bumble bee/phone/alarm company (smallest) crimp connectors.
  3. Into one crimp connector-insert two 4.7KΩ resistors plus the shield conductor (silver) from the red wire (base of pin) and/or white wire (tip of pin) wires from the 3.5mm adapter +1. Crimp.
  4. Into the second crimp connector insert the other side of one of the resistors, the red (base of pin) conductor from the 3.5mm adapter +1, and the black (left side) conductor of the Futaba (sensor) female connector. Crimp.
  5. Into the third crimp connector insert the other side of one of the resisters, the white (tip of pin) conductor from the 3.5mm +1 adapter, and the white (right side) conductor of the Futaba (sensor) connector. Crimp.
  6. Fold all three crimp connectors back along the 3.5mm +1 adapter cable so that tension on either the audio or Futaba (sensor) connector will pull against a bend in the wires rather than pulling them straight out of the crimp connectors.
  7. Cover all of the crimp connectors, resistors, and bare wires, and clipped wires, with a piece of wide, durable tape (like Gorilla brand) to conceal and insulate all connections. Or, solder and shrink wrap.

Advanced Usage

Features and Applications.
App features
  • Data and image sharing
  • Calibration profiles
  • Print screen shot
  • Print with white background
  • Vary measurement parameters
  • Measure anything that can modify the amplitude of a "tone" wave electrical output (by changing resistance of a sensor)
  • Teach waveform concepts
  • Teach electrical theory
  • Experiment with variable resistances
  • Ideal for science teachers (high school)
  • Data and image sharing
  1. Manual Lymphatic Drainage
  2. Temperature sensing (thermistor)
  3. Position sensing (linear resistor)
  4. Level control of liquids or consumption monitoring
  5. Noise level sensing
  6. Other (Use imagination!)
Other suggestions are welcome. We will post the best suggestions forwarded to us, especially with photos. Great ideas will be posted.
Download MLD Quick start GuideDownload Advanced Usage Manual
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