Resistive Measurement

Economic Sensor Measurement for Mobile

Coming soon to IOS Devices
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what we do

Portable sensor measurement on your phone.


Slim, flexible pressure sensors and cables available with app release for applications in Lymphedema treatment. Compatibility with temperature, chemical, position, and all other resistive sensors.


Rapidly calibrate to any resistive sensor and application. Start recording instantly and build calibration profiles as you go.


Graph live sensor output and export data for analysis or playback.

How it works

RMS Harnesses your built-in audio hardware to power sensors.

Patent US 9,167,242 B1

As the audio wave passes through the sensor it is attenuated and the app measures the modified amplitude.

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In your palm

Your phone or tablet displays, saves and records measurements from your resistive sensor.

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a Mobile measurement system.

Coming soon to the App Store

The versatile app is compatible with any resistive sensor you connect.

Adapter Cable

Connect sensors to your device audio port.

FlexiForce Pressure Sensor

Thin, flexible sensor detects even light pressure for use in Manual Lymph Drainage and Compression Garment quality control.